Afternoon *sweet* snack

These last days have been crazy, between work, lots of paperwork, flat hunting and meeting friends at izakayas (I know, the last one is not so bad 😉 ).

So yesterday afternoon we decided we needed some extra energy to keep us going and we were craving some sweets, so we looked for a Japanese cafe. We passed Starbucks and other American chains, dismissing them since we wanted something more authentic… And then we found this cute place, kind of modern Japanese cafe. We asked for some dango (I don’t remember which variety) and matcha cappuccino.

Failure!!! The dango was actually salty and the matcha cappuccino was really bitter, even after adding tons of sugar (so much it wouldn’t dissolve anymore..) it was not even close to sweet. So we ended up in Starbacks afterwards…

Salty dango and matcha cappuccinoa
Salty dango and matcha cappuccinos

Today we didn’t think about it twice and went into a cafe chain, Tully’s cafe, playing safe this time. A nice chocolate and cheesecake lifted my spirits, but I wouldn’t have defined the cake as really sweet a week ago 😉

Chocolate and cake at Tully's Cafe
Chocolate and cake at Tully's Cafe