Spa getaway in Cambridge

Last months have been pretty busy, relocating back to London, starting on a new project and preparing the wedding! So we decided to take last weekend to indulge ourselves, not to think about anything else and just relax and enjoy.

We didn’t want to spend a lot of time travelling, so we chose Cambridge for our special weekend. We stayed at the Varsity hotel, which includes spa and gym, and had our hour and a half of massage/pampering (depending on who you ask ;)) The hotel room was very nice, even though we didn’t get one with a 4 post bed, wifi signal was good and the full English breakfast gave us energy for visiting the city on Sunday.

What we didn’t expect was for Cambridge to be so busy! It turned out that the University was starting next week, and so everybody was moving into the new accommodations, families visiting, etc. It was very challenging to find a place to eat without a reservation and we ended dining in the Hilton. We had some starters and nice steaks (not that impressive), followed by dessert (according to Andres you should definitely try the panacota!)

Sunday was more of a touristy day, where we visited some of the open colleges and climbed the over hundred steps of the Great St. Mary’s church tower. It was a sunny day and the view from the top of the tower was gorgeous.

View of Kings College and Chapel
The spiral steps were pretty steep!

There were also street performance, including a guy playing the guitar inside a bin!

And I even managed to get a picture with the famous red phone booths! (no, I didn’t have one until now, shame on me…)