Back in London

After a couple of very intense weeks, I’m back in London! A quick summary of what I’ve been up to:

First week: attended EGC2008

  • Played in the main tournament: won 5 out of 5 games (yay!)
  • Played the pair go tournament: we had fun 🙂
  • Played agains pros in simulataneous games: won against 9p with 9 handicap
  • Played a lot of friendly games, including rengo!
Second week: attended an event in Zurich, stayed there for the weekend
  • Monday: travelling day: fly back from Stockholm to London, and fly from London to Zurich.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: meetings and more meetings in Zurich
  • Thursday: sailing in the lake
  • Friday: tour of Zurich’s office
  • Weekend: sightseeing in Zurich
This week I’m working hard  on catching up, but I’m way behind on email (please, be patient!)