Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street Station

Just a couple of days ago, the tiles in some areas of the Baker Street Tube Station have been changed to advertise the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie.

How it looks like
A closer look
A closer look
Tiles in detail
Tiles in detail

For those of you who haven’t heard about the movie, I recommend you watch the trailer. It looks like there will be plenty of action, and for some reason it reminds me more of a James Bond movie rather than a crime/investigation movie.

IMDB:  Sherlok Holmes (2009)
Sherlock Holmes – Official Trailer [HD]

It’s raining cats and dogs!

“Its raining cats and dogs” is one of my favourites English idioms. I haven’t heard it so many times, but non-English speakers are prone to remember it quite well :D.  Native speakers use “It’s pouring down” or just “It’s pouring!” most of the time, but it’s just not as funny, right?

Nobody I’ve asked knows where it comes from and I still haven’t found an answer (see

By the way, it means raining a lot and it seems it’s raining more today than the whole month of June!

And they call this summer….

I’m joining Google!

I finally got the offer! In fact, I ended up with two different offers: one for the Zurich office and another one for the London office. Both for the same position: Software Engineer in Test.

It’s a looooong story, but with a happy ending 🙂

Which one did I take? The London one! Same position, same team, but this time as a fulltime Googler, not an intern.

I can’t wait to start tomorrow!!

Musical: Wicked

Wicked logoI’m growing fond of musicals and Wicked is probably the best one I’ve been to. It tells the untold story of the witches of Oz: how the wicked witch of the West becomes so wicked and the good witch of the North so good.

All the singers are fantastic, but the main star is simply stunning! The staging, costumes and story were spellbinding.

I enjoyed a lot finding out what had happened before Dorothy came to Oz…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I have it!!! After an hour and a half queuing the last book of Harry Potter is waiting for me on the table 🙂

It has been much longer than the queue for the Order of the Phoenix movie and I still don´t know whether it was worth it or not.. but I´ll know it soon enough!

I´ll come back in a while! 😉

Opening the door....
Doors are opening…

Door is finally open!
WaterStones in Oxford Street is finally open!

Queue for HP´s last book!!
The queue was really long and the store stayed open for more than two hours, instead of the planned one.

We have finally the book!
We are finally there! And the children’s cover reminds me of Terry Pratchet´s books..

With some disguised Spaniards queuing
Some Spaniards disguised as Hogwarts’ students. It seems the queue in Picadilly Circus was spectacular and they decided to try luck in other store.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Last Friday we went to see the last Harry Potter´s movie! It is the darkest of the five released movies and I really enjoyed it, though it didn´t stick so much to the book. It forgets about some important parts of “you know what” and it makes difficult to follow the plot. Anyway, I recommend the movie to all of you, specially now that you won´t see queues as long as the one we had!

Queue to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Bastille Day: great desserts at Google!

To celebrate Bastille Day (French national holiday), we had some special desserts… I know you want me to talk about my project: what am I doing at Google? But sorry, this is the only bad thing.. I cannot tell, it is confidential…

But what I can tell you about is food!! And today desserts have been really awesome! Many different cakes, crêpes, hot apple pie… Just have a look 😉

Cake's trolley

Chocolate cake

Was it almond cake?

Meringue and lemon cake

Strawberry cake

Small cakes

More small cakes

Limbo Dancing

There is a famous market all weekends in Covent Garden. It is not as famous as Candem, but it has a lot of different food and you can find people juggling!!

A couple of weeks ago, for St Patricks Day, we saw a man dancing limbo. Amazing!